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Casper Cloer - The Founding Father

From blacksmith to manufacturer

After finishing his apprenticeship as blacksmith, Casper Cloer spent a few years traveling. His journey took him through Germany, Austria and Switzerland where he improved his expertise, working with different master craftsmen of his field.

After, he returned to his birthplace in Neheimer Burgstrasse and founded the blacksmith's shop "Casper Cloer" in 1897. In 1909, the industry of Neheim was finally connected to the electrical power supply and the focus of the company changed in the following years. Soon the blacksmith's shop turned into "Casper Cloer Factory for Electronic Heating and Cooking Appliances" which still exists today and is run by a fourth generation member of the family.

Today, Cloer is one of the oldest family run companies in the world.

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