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About Us

Cloer offers you the best waffle maker and quality kitchen appliances.
Cloer Asia Pacific Limited (Cloer HK) brings you the famous heart-shaped waffle maker from Germany. Cloer HK is a subsidiary of Cloer Elektrogeräte GmbH which has more than 120 years of experience in designing and producing kitchen appliances. It is well known as "National Waffle Manufacturer" in Germany.
All the products being sold are original licensed and carried 1 year limited warranty. Retail and wholesale are also welcomed.

Cloer 為您提供最好的窩夫餅烘烤機和優質廚房小家電

Cloer Asia Pacific Limited (Cloer HK) 為您帶來德國著名的心形窩夫餅烘烤機。 Cloer HK 是德國 Cloer Elektrogeräte GmbH 的子公司,在設計和生產廚房用具方面有120多年的歷史。在德國有"國家窩夫餅機製造廠"之稱。