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Coffee lovers know: The enticing scent of being prepared coffee is a small promise before the soothing coffee. Coffee that’s ground directly before brewing doesn’t just give off a magnificent scent, but also raises expectations of a particularly flavorful cup of coffee. One more reason for passionate coffee aficionados to brew up freshly ground coffee above all else.

The Coffee Grinder 7520 and 7521 from Cloer are equipped with a conical grinder and have a removable coffee bean holder with a large capacity. Up to 300 g of coffee beans can be stored up – the coffee grinding itself then goes very quickly and you can freely choose what quantity to grind. The grinding level control also allows you to select how coarse or fine you want the ground coffee to be.

The Cloer coffee grinders are optimized for filter coffee. Grinding levels 7-9 correspond to commercial ground filter coffee. The controller for the number of cups (2-12) is designed so that about 5-7 g of coffee powder is ground per cup. The amount of coffee powder is also influenced by other factors like the variety of coffee and its moisture content.

However you make coffee at home, the Cloer Coffee Grinders 7520 and 7521 are equipped for everything. Although the coffee grinders and their scalings are optimized for filter coffee, they can also be used for espresso or even mocha without any problem. The fine grinding level needed for espresso is achieved when the mills grind below level 4. If the powder needs to be even finer, you can even choose a setting below level 1. You get the finest grinding level when you turn the controller down to the limit. The cup controller cannot be used for espresso or mocha the same way as for filter coffee, because it takes longer to make the powder very fine. In this case simply set the control to a higher cup setting or start the grinding process multiple times.

In contrast to espresso, the French Press method requires a very coarse grinding level. This is achieved at a setting higher than 16. In this case the grinding level can be set outside of the marking along the white line.

It’s important not to turn beyond the line though, unless the container is removed. The coarser the coffee is ground, the more coffee powder you will get in the same time. Therefore the controller should be set to a lower number of cups if you’re using a coarse grain size, in order to get the same quantity as with filter coffee (middle setting).

And nothing is left to be desired when it comes to safety either. The Cloer Coffee Grinders 7520 and 7521 are equipped with a safety locking mechanism: you can only operate the coffee grinders when the coffee bean container is positioned accordingly. Additionally, anti-slip rubber feet ensure the grinder’s stability.

The black or white plastic casing as well as the transparent coffee bean and coffee powder containers make the mill a household appliance that will fit right into any kitchen setting with an understated presence.

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