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International Waffle Day

An attitude to life has a date

It comes from Sweden, from one of the countries, where the attitude to life Hygge is located nowadays. Hygge stands for the Scandinavian attitude to life, for comfort, which results from the connection of tradition and modern, sustainable life. The Danish term means: Cosiness. And as the Danes are the happiest people in the world according to a statistical survey, one should aspire to the North. How is Hygge translated to a culinary manner? The waffle is a tasty possibility!

It is the 25th of March. Nine months before Christmas, the "Day of the proclamation of the Lord" is celebrated. And because this day is called "Värfrudagen"- internationally "our Lady´s day" in Sweden-, history tells us that the metamorphosis to the "Väffeldagen" has resulted from Chinese whispers. However much intention there has existed in this linguistic inaccuracy, the result was the waffle day, which has been celebrated in Sweden on the 25th of March for many years.

In the meantime, the day at the end of March has become a tasty institution in many countries. It brings, completely free from any religious reference, a sense of well-being to anybody celebrating the waffle day. The symbol for this is the classical heart waffle. Even though the form does not want to deliver an interpretation of the date, it is nevertheless a small reference to the intention to bring pleasure to others on this day. And thus the hygge wellbeing reaches anybody to a small extent on this 25th of March who enjoy a waffle.

In Germany, the fame of the international waffle day increases from year to year. Cloer, the brand with the broadest selection in the product segment of waffle makers and inventor of the baking light, accompanies the day with activities in social media and in the trade. The theme of the family business/the family brand is thereby the theme of the waffle day valid worldwide. "What happens on Waffle Day stays on Waffle Day".

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