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Stiftung Warentest Result on Coffee Grinder 2019/12

德國權威檢測機構 Stiftung Warentest (商品檢驗基金會) 在2019年12月公布對德國市面上在售15款磨豆機 (包括9種磨盤式/鋸齒式 burr grinder 與6種刀式 blade grinder) 的測評結果,Cloer 7520 錐刀磨豆機評測總分達到2.4分的優異成績 (分值越小,產品性能越好)。與其他錐刀類型的磨豆機比較性價比為最高。
作為一家知名的獨立測評機構,Stiftung Warentest的測試和調查涉及日常生活的幾乎所有領域。但測試樣品不由製造商提供,而是匿名在商店裡購買,以避免接觸廠商等行為對其公信力產生的影響,所以在德國有極高的知名度和信譽。
Stiftung Warentest利用專業的設備測試磨豆機的研磨力、操控性、耐久力、噪音、安全性等方面,並且給予每項指標細緻的評分。評分從5.5到0.5分為5個等級,0.5-1.5非常好;1.6-2.5很好;2.6-3.5一般;3.6-4.5有缺陷;4.6-5.5很差。

German inspection agency Stiftung Warentest (commodity inspection foundation established in 1964 by the German federal parliament) announced in December 2019 the evaluation of 15 coffee grinders available in German market (including 9 types of flat / conical burr grinders and 6 blade grinders). As a result, the overall score of Cloer 7520 conical coffee grinder reached an excellent score of 2.4 (the smaller the score, the better the product performance). Compared with other conical coffee grinders in test, Cloer 7520 is the most cost-effective model overall.

As a well-known independent assessment agency, Stiftung Warentest's tests and surveys cover almost all areas of daily life. However, the test samples are not provided by the manufacturer, but are purchased anonymously from retailers to avoid the impact of contact with the manufacturer on its credibility. It therefore has a high reputation and credibility in Germany.

Stiftung Warentest carries out tests in independent labs that use scientific methods to measure the grinding power, handling, durability, noise, safety and other aspects, and gives each index a detailed score. The score is divided into 5 levels from 5.5 to 0.5, 0.5-1.5 is “very good”; 1.6-2.5 is “good”; 2.6-3.5 is “satisfactory”; 3.6-4.5 is “adequate”; 4.6-5.5 is “unsatisfactory”.


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